The Screaming Silence

All the lives we do not experience are just myths to us.

She saw it coming
Her way in disguise
Long before it haunting
Her say in silence.

Decades four of fear
Innocents in war with tears
Hazards so bare
Death so clear.

A sexennial of pain
Half a dozen years in vain
Battle went so insane
Victory left none to gain.

Lady, you've got freedom
You can be free; but
In our cage that opens seldom
Told them, kept her mouth shut.

Girl, fly like a butterfly
Never look for the skies
Lay your eggs, you pity fly
Power puked on her the lies.

The road's so wide, so their hurt
But the tar so dark, so their heart
You run, walk, crawl up here
But keep a chaperone aside to stare.

Baby girl, learn good things
Open your eyes, open your legs
Shut your minds and mouth
Preach yourself, you'll never be heard.

You're the precious stone
A treasure to behold
So do we keep you lone
In a pressure box too loud.

We will coo you 'the pure'
Like a rose so soft
Nevertheless we will cure
Thy pain, pluck you in a swift.

We will cover you
In black as in love
We will wrap you
In white if not.

She knows she's trapped in
The outer clothes of distress
Where her inner clothes ayin
Worn and torn of the depressed.

She saw with her eyes open
They took many with them
Many lilies of the Jade garden
They torn apart in Mayhem

Every one she saw before
Never she saw after
The leftover were taken away
By the evil eyes in sway.

Paint your nails, draw your lips
You will be left no breath, with a toss
Put your shoes, remove your veil
You'll be given the taste of whips.

She saw her men with beard
That never stopped growing
They say you shall shave
We shall take you to grave.

She remembers everything in pain
The tears that flows in vain
Decades two moved afar
Only to retreat this far.

She knows she shall again burn
In the hands of thorn power soon
She may be touched unsafe,
Missed with no trails, fife
Played to make her a better half
To the worst, among many.

She has a heart, afraid to beat
She has a mouth, scared to open
She has a body, terrified to move
And she silently screams.

PS: To all my sisters and brothers in pain in Afghanistan.

I Believe You.

With Love,

Aleesha Thomas


45 thoughts on “The Screaming Silence

  1. Kudos to you. This takes a lot of compassion and courage to write. My heart goes out to all the oppressed women in the world . May freedom be theirs one day. ❤

  2. Haunting.
    Some lines cling to the heart.
    For example,…


    Almost all lines are examples.

    You’ve become a mature poet.

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