Straight from the Heart

Thanks for joining me!

Lets begin a journey of listening to our minds..Lets walk into the wild and step into deep thoughts..

Its not about fame,its about personal fulfillness..You will see me scribbling my tiny deep thoughts in words and paragraphs..

It may not be always about a particular subject..but its same like the mind of each one of us…wandering here and there , carrying everything with it and holding a lust to imprint the heart of it in every shell of life..

Let us walk through..

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.

β€” Izaak Walton

Thanks to my dearest family,my bestfriends,haters and especially you who is here to read my ideas and thoughts.

I beleive you because its nothing but straight from heart…

With love,

Aleesha Thomas

46 thoughts on “Straight from the Heart

  1. The cool thing about jotting down one’s thoughts is that much later in life– one gets to see how his or her thoughts and imagination have evolved– even if their philosophy has changed drastically… or not at all. And as writers– well, we naturally put our gray matter into that pen. Have a wonderful day. Aleesha.

  2. Good day

    The true
    is hidden
    in the
    own soul

    be in between
    the evil
    the good

    his whole being
    that one does not
    can put into words

    in every breath
    wants to be in himself
    transform and change

    Kind regards
    Hans Gamma

      1. Hi aleesh girlll.,my lil sis….just now I go through it…and also went through all the comments….the most important thing u shared here is Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter…an extremely amazing n truthful quote by Izaak Walton…I experienced or I’m experiencing this fact in my life…..Now m frankly saying at this moment my positive vibes in my life is your words that you pennedout here…..keep going dr……have a great future ahead…..thank you so much from the bottom of my heart….God bless you abundantly….tc

  3. Hey Aleesha,
    Your blog is really awesome and you nailed the writings always.
    All the very best for your journey.So happy to be a part of your journey.
    Great quote by Isabel Allende.Thanks for sharing.

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