Feel it..!

When life takes you on a rollercoaster
Of emotions, thoughts and moments
Colourful and dull
One that you may never know
Where to put to,
Carve a rainbow with them all
Wink in violet, the intense indigo,
Blooming blues, grinning greens,
Mellow and yellow, the morrow of orange
Dreadful red and all the
Dim colours that bring up and
Highlight the bright ones.
Another drop to the brim
Yet awaiting more
That's how happiness
Taunt us like a mom..
Another lake to the ocean
Yet never ending
That's how pain flows in
No matter how strong one is.
But my child
Has ever the glorious
Greatest star of universe
Risen from a clear glass of water..?
The best of all
The wholesome, the fulfilled
Always rise from that salty ocean
Giving hope and a gleam of smile
Above the tears that fill them up.
Be it glass or sea
Let it be
Let it fill you
To your brim..
Until that last breath
Feel every inch you can..

Feel it....!

I Believe You.

With Love,

Aleesha Thomas

3 thoughts on “Feel it..!

  1. Feel It
    FeeL iT
    Isn’t IT Amazing
    NoW HoW SmAll A
    Change As MaKinG
    One Letter Large And Another
    Small May Make Such
    A Difference NoW iN A SmAll Sized Phrase

    For True Some of Us Feel Things ‘Out THere’

    And Others Of us LiGHT Our FLaME Within And

    Shine Forth Our Rays oF LiGHT As Love Radiates

    ThiS WaY For
    All Dear FRiEnD
    Aleesha Yes This
    Ocean Whole Love
    This Water That Flows We
    As Waves to Spread All Around

    This Life This Love This LiVinG Tree
    As Leaves We aRe to Green And Rise
    As Leaves We aRe to FAll And Fertilize
    Souls oF FoResT Whole To RiSE Even MoRE LoVE CoLoRinG

    It’s Like FRiEnDS in Distance, Space, Time, And Matter NeW
    THeRE iS No MeASuRE iN FRiEnDS BeYonD iNFiNiTY NoW..:)

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