Unearthing The Lost

Peeping through the peaks

Stands the sun

Watching this bird so gloomy

Tears flowing in the ray so gleamy.

Where have you gone?

The words that flew

Like the rivers of Paradise

Dried up to pebbles of guilt

Left alone like a lonely child.

Words that killed many

Walking dead with rotten minds

Words that gave life

Worthy of love.

The dose of drugs

Filled you in ecstasy

Of reading minds

Drowns in misty

Thoughts of dilemma

Confused of everything around.

Hope, hope and hope

Hop and hop till it pops

Hunt, prob and dig

Husk your heart and be that

Happy person you wannabe.

Someone’s out there

Roaming in darkness

Awaiting the light of hope

The rays of love

And drops of peace

Beneath your words.

I Believe You.

With Love,

Aleesha Thomas

13 thoughts on “Unearthing The Lost

      1. That poem is so powerful. So wonderful. So full of beauty and meaning. I am so happy to see you are still around, I have not kept up with you as your visibility on Twitter was gone, but I am so glad to see you are still sharing incredible writing like this!

  1. SMiLes Dear Aleesha

    A Key to Opening Creativity

    And Poetry And All the Other

    Divine Arts Springing so Deep From

    Soul is Making Every Moment of Life

    A Valentine’s
    of Muse
    in Breathing
    Creativity Even More

    And Oh Goodness So Hard to
    Do in A Global Culture Now Vying
    For All of Our Attention in Less than
    3 Seconds of the ‘Bite’ of A “Gold Fish” Literally
    What Science Assesses As the Modern Size of

    Attention Spans

    A World of Ads
    Flashing off and on New
    Vying For Our Attention Now
    Draining All Our Inner Focus
    of Divine Creativity Truly the
    Breath of God Free Within




    All Giving,
    Sharing, Caring
    Healing Divine Art
    BRinGS From Our SoUL
    Dancing Singing to Others so free…

    SMiLes Dear FRiEnD Some of Us Are Fired
    With Creativity Some of Us Stray With All the
    Demands and Distractions Modern Cultures Bring

    For It’s True Somewhere There is A Modern Mozart,
    Beethoven, Or Even Jesus, or So-Called Buddha Playing

    A Game of ‘Candy Crush’ at a Bus Stop Lost in A Haze
    With No Real “Forrest Gump” Story to Tell to ‘the Lady

    Reading A Magazine at the Bus Stop’ Who Wouldn’t Likely
    Pay Attention Yet STiLL A STory Never Told Before Coming Again

    For Real for at
    Least Now the

    Writer, Director,
    Producer, and
    Actor For Real of
    THeir Own Story
    And Play of Life Now True
    L.I.B.E.R.T.Y. “Life Is Better Everywhere
    Re-creation Takes You” And True Hehe i am
    Stealing That Metaphor That is From the
    Department of the Navy That i Used to

    Work for Giving Military Folks Re-creation
    Opportunities Pre-Planned to Escape from
    the Rigors of Military Life That’s what i Did

    for The Government Provided Fun For Others for A Quarter

    Of A Century And Other Jobs in 33 Years of Work for Pay Then

    Along With 19 Years of School And 3 Degrees in Data Download

    Ways Yet It’s True i Stayed too Busy Doing That to Re-Create
    me And i basically Fell off the EartH And Almost Died

    As THere
    Was Nothing
    Left to Give then

    i Was All Spent
    With No Re-Creation of me…

    You Know, You Feel, You Sense
    my FRiEnD i Don’t Have Any Easy
    Answers Cause i Know How Hard
    And Cold And Difficult Life A Machine
    Will Come to Be As This World Now Will
    Surely Take the Soul Creative of the Child Within Away…

    This Much i KNoW

    This Much i K.I.S.S.

    On Valentine’s Day For
    Keeping Truth in LiGHT
    Simply Yes “Keeping It So Simple” K.I.S.S. ‘Destroying’

    The Machine oF LiGHT

    “iNHaLinG Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT”
    A Contemplating Meditating Autotelic Flow of Life Creating
    Hehe For A More Complicated Way to Dance And Sing It HAha…

    As i Continue to ArriVE iN This Place Eternally Now Love Springs
    Never Ending in


    i Believe
    in You

    i Always Feel
    one Day You
    Will Return
    Again with

    Your Divine Creative
    Breath Breathing Again
    And Even Greater Eternally Now Free..:)

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