Why is Sex education more about respect than sex…?

It is the sixth day
  God made a mistake
  One that takes pleasure without love
  One that prays without humbleness
  One that kills for other than feeding
  An animal was created by Him

A real men’s take on respecting women :

‘Sex’ – Because of the existence of a word, most of the people have forgot to clearly and strongly enforce a matter –  “Sex Education”.The one and only long term solution to the problems faced by women in the society is this.Explain to us about the body of men as well as women correctly.Teach us that body is a temple not a lodge or inn.Educate us how to respect body,like how we learn ethics in Value Education.Tell us that sex is not a word that must be narrowed only to pleasure,but a divine means of existance of the world.

Teach us that one who loves women and respect her is a real man.Instruct us that any touch without her permission is a violation.Make us understand that umbilical cord of a woman is also a mark of relation between a mother and child.

I have only one thing to tell the womenhood.If a boychild is born from you, grow him to be the best son.Clearly teach him that any touch without love or  permission is wrong in itself.Like how “Thatvamasi”(That thou art) is taught in Vedas,declaim into his ears that she is also a part of his body frame.

Respect HER : Her Body; Her Mind; Her Decisions

If you please,Lord, allow we men to live women’s and women to live ours lives  atleast for one day.

Let women understand, how difficult it is to live life of a man where he is walking with the live coal of lust and desire that wakes up in a matter of seconds.
And let the men understand the sea of pain that women go through only because of being a woman.
Let us know each other….and kiss with our hearts.

Above was my translation of an extract from a Malayalam book – ‘Daivathinte Chaaranmaar’ meaning Spy of God – by Joseph Annamkutty Jose, a motivational speaker and an Indian writer.I hope we shall be blessed by God with new eyes,ears and a heart to see the reality highlighted by the writer. https://ebooks.dcbooks.com/daivathinte-charanmarhttps://ebooks.dcbooks.com/daivathinte-charanmar

We may be different, But lets respect each other.

Comprehensive Sex Education

But, sometimes even the well-read urban kind, often tend to attach a whole lot of sensitivity to the topic of sex, regarding it with the most vicious taboo. It is thus a natural consequence that education that teaches their children about sexual well-being is met with the highest resistance possible – from parents, teachers, lawmakers and nosy neighbours, especially nosy neighbours.

Earlier, UNESCO published a fully updated International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education, which advocates for quality CSE (Comprehensive Sex Education) to promote health and well-being, respect for human rights and gender equality, and empowers children and young people to lead healthy, safe and productive lives. But,education in itself is not enough to teach the key instigators even the principles of life,while the law seems able only to react, not prevent. Therefore, Sexual Education is not only about educating the physical changes and hormonal impacts.Its about making them understand from a more psychological point of view – how each gender is mutually dependant and how respecting her body,her mind and her decision becomes the core of moral discipline.

Lets strive together

Respecting The Differences…

We are all created in a very special way.  We are different from one another, we do things differently, we look different from our friends, we dress differently and we also think in different ways.We are special and one of a kind.
It is very good to have respect for yourself, but you must also have respect for others, which mean you must accept people the way they are and not hurt them.

Lets try to be the spy Joseph Annamkutyy Jose mentioned ,who is send from God to the lives of others.Be the change.Be the God to someone.We may be different, But lets respect each other.Lets teach our daughters to become a good friend of HIM.Lets teach our sons, to Respect HER :Her Body,Her Mind and Her Decisions.

I Believe You.

With Love,

Aleesha Thomas

148 thoughts on “Why is Sex education more about respect than sex…?

  1. That’s a wonderful piece of work 👌… Keep going Aleesha🤩… Do what your heart says♥️… My best wishes for you always 😊.

  2. The Respect and Appreciation are the two elements make relationship make so strong. Author You Nailed it.

  3. You make very good points in your post. Everyone is different but once you strip away the layers of skin color, race, gender, etc, we are all humans. We must learn to respect each other regardless of our differences. I enjoyed reading your excellent and informative post. Thank you for sharing. Take care.

  4. It’s good to see someone is making an effort to the social welfare on such topics that people think of it as taboo to speak off
    You made a good clearance of what u wanted to speak rather than keep it unspeakable like others do, efforts makes success and waiting to see more from ur brillaint mind Miss aleesha

  5. ..frst of all am appreciate U to select this topic…. I really like way of presentation… Some points are focus on our current situation… Best wishes for u…..

  6. Really a good topic and well said about the sex education well said my dear friend….go head with some nice topic..r

  7. Superb!!…..Aleesha😎
    All the bezt….nd we are expecting more from u……👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  8. It’s really great that you are on your way to do some great things indeed… Wishing you to continue and provide a lots of messages to the society around you… Happy for you… Aleesha…

  9. Check with your spellings, you have got the spellings wrong for the word “existence” in the first sentence itself, it might create a bad impression, you have made the mistake more than once in your blog, and also few punctuation errors. “Umbilical cord is right, umbilicus is wrong. Try to organise your sentence structure in a more interesting way. I came across your blog through one of your friends who have shared it. In my opinion you could have added something extra other than the basic general awareness statements along with much more details to your topic which is sex education. Iam not really font of being a critic, but if you have done this for the first time you are really doing well and move on.

  10. Relevant points 👍🏻..I couldn’t agree more..every one must respect each other irrespective of the differences 😊👍🏻keep writing ✍️

  11. You are very right psychological aspects are much more important than physical and hormonal aspects in this regard. Good analysis.👍

  12. Very interesting and polemic topic in my opinion. With so many things that you see in today’s society more boys and men will need to read a post like this one!!

  13. Aleesha, Great topic, one that people need to think about. I would like to add that women should also empathize and understand men. All people deserve respect from each other.

    When I was doing computer dating, I learned that some women were going out on dates with men just so that they could visit a fancy restaurant, without any genuine interest in the guy as a person. That kind of behavior is very disrespectful. Men are not just a meal ticket! they have feelings too.

  14. Menstruation, sex, masturbation…. All of these things are still considered a taboo in our society. One who speaks about it openly is considered mad or foolish.
    Very well written, Aleesha! 💖

    1. You are right.Masturbation is not a taboo, but it will cause negative impacts on our physical and mental health according to studies.Yet the choice of all three you mentioned above is a personal and menstruation is a blessing from God to be part of his creation.

  15. Wow this is a amazing blog. So well put. Loving the tittle by the way. But somewhere along the process we gumans have forgotten the old school ways of loving a person. Now it’s all about sex and divorse. No one actually wants to invest in relationship….
    Keep up the amazing work.

      1. I didn liked ur for likes. The content, the way and the execution is mind blowing, so close to life and touching. keep on doing the good work 👍🏽

  16. Nice one Aleesha really good one for this COVID situation. Giving confidence to choose their Runway.👏

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