What if God doesn’t  know you exist ?

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.  -Robert Frost

What if God doesn’t know you exist ? With whole universe of every biotic and abiotic resources around, what makes you noticeable to God? What makes you different from the majority in the eyes of the Creator…?  


Isn’t it fantastic that if there is no purpose, you have nothing to fulfill, you can just live? You will definitely like it because it gives you a sense of safety and individual identity. Like how the butterfly is secure inside the cocoon, so you are. But it imprisons you inside and you are dead within. Life is within you and the greatest aspect of it is that the universe exists for you only because you are alive. Come out of the cocoon of restrictions and live a life totally. Like how Robert Frost chooses to take the road not taken, run away from the ‘majority’.

Setting up Rules for Yourself

Live Your Life

     Make your own rules and values. Living for others means setting your goals based on what other people might want for you. Live your life in accordance with your own authentic self. But friends, I am not asking you to be selfish where you dont care about others anymore. But sometimes following other people’s rules will actually hold us back in life. It is important that you feel confident enough to shake these expectations of others and start exploring.

Saying  ‘NO’  more often doesn’t make you a coward. Everyone is busy being ‘busy’. But remember, your time and energy are really valuable.When being busy doesn’t get you any value from, it’s time to start saying no more often. Choose what you truly value and gladly miss out on what you don’t.

We tend to think that we are a crucial part of everything. You make yourself beleive that you are needed. But in reality, we are more easily replaceable than you might think.

Being In The Moment

Live in the present. Avoid living in memories. Free yourselves from him or her, whom you just thought while reading through. Rescue yourself from the anxiousness about future which has not even arrived at the port of your life. Remember, the present moment is actually a lot quieter, calmer and simpler than we assume.

You can’t live at all, unless you can live fully now.

Swimming against the stream

One of the hardest thing as a human being is to keep getting up and not losing ground. We are swimming in the fast moving current, the river of life that’s pushing us into waterfalls and rocks where we have to renew our convictions, our motivations and our desires, so that we never stop swimming upstream. Don’t allow yourself to be controlled by your past experiences, other people’s opinions and judgements,the limited beliefs you project on yourself, or even by your relationship or money. We are in a generation where people come up with all sorts of excuses for their failures. But remember, you are the reason you are not winning.

Be An Evidence For Your Existence

Its necessary to know that everybody won’t see it, that everybody won’t join you. It’s necessary to know that a lot of people like to complain but they don’t want to make that difference they aspire for. Live your life. Nothing will ever be bigger or smaller than how you think about it. This is a war within you, where you definitely have to fight to win over the older version of you. Choose the pathway that is less traveled by.

Be An Evidence For Your Existence…

As the title mentions, what if God doesn’t know you exist ? With whole universe of every biotic and abiotic resources around, what makes you noticeable to God? What makes you different from the majority in the eyes of the Creator…?

Be that unique being whom the Almighty moulded you into.

Be an evidence for your existence.

I Beleive You.

With Love,

Aleesha Thomas

115 thoughts on “What if God doesn’t  know you exist ?

  1. Simply Amazing… Thought provoking stuff ♥️…. Life facts💯…
    But I do have one question… What is God? and Who is God? according to you… I expect your answers here or may be in your next blog 😊… All together that’s a wonderful piece of work ❤️👍

  2. Your messages are really worthy… Keep creating and you to start enjoying your rest of your life… Before it gets darker… 😅

  3. More relatable in my current situation, This post may help me to carryout myself in better way. Good work Ms. Aleesha

  4. Some worthfull words to get motivate.really it helps to think in new ways superb👌👌
    Go head with same kind of words my dear friend..❤

  5. Just wonderful Alee…..👌👌👌suprb wordingz about the Life Facts😀…Keep continue u r beautiful works……👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  6. I simply loved it….I could see each word was written from your heart Aleesha…keep going…all the very best❤️

  7. Amazing Thought aleesha. It’s always good to Just write it down whatever your mind says.
    Keep up the good work.

  8. Those words striked directly into the heart ❤️ that’s such a beautiful vibe you possess babe… Great going 🙌🙌

  9. Universe exist not because of us …it simply exists whether you are present or not….life is the greatest mistake ever done….we try to make us to focus on unrelated things just to forget that our life has no purpose

  10. Nice thoughts…..I like it very much….It is impressive…..excepting more…..wishing you all the very best…..best of luck…..👍👌

  11. That’s a really good one aleesha 😄
    I believe that no one can escape from their past, whenever we try to forget something that’s only this come to our mind all you can do is accept our past and learn from it not forget. What do you think?

    1. Thank you for going through Anandhu.
      It’s never about an escape from your past.You can’t.But you can learn from it and live peacefully in the present for sure 👍.
      We will see more of this in further blogs.Stay connected for more.

  12. What if God doesn’t know you exist ? you are the reason you are Unknown By God…….
    Actually you’re words came straight from your Super concious Mind.Planting the Good Thoughts.excellent Work……

  13. Writers can’t really live in the now – we rely on memories to feed our stories and make our characters more believable. Dwelling in the past is different.

    1. That’s entirely different from damaging yourself with your memories.. You can use it to feed your stories but not your peace of mind.
      You are right. You can’t escape from your past.But you can learn lessons from it and live in the present.

      Thanks a lot for the message ❣️

  14. so well written. could not agree more. you have written the best type of motivation here. Thankyou so much

  15. Hats off… 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    Good motivation… we all need to be unique in one or the other way…
    Do write more and more..
    Stay healthy..stay happy
    May god bless u dr

  16. Well written and makes very interesting reading. However Aleesha as its the Creator who has created us he will always know of our existence isn’t it?
    Cheers and be very well 🌹😊

    1. Hi Dilip,

      First of all sorry for the late reply.I didnt notice this message before.

      Thanks for the support.
      I was expecting someone to ask the same question.This was an assumption.If you try to be completely like someone else God created,what is the point in HE creating you unique. Therefore it’s important to be you,the beautifully weird and awkward you. Create an impact here.Be an evidence for your existence.

      I’m so glad that you spent your precious time reading this and indeed I’m so happy to see your comment.

      I would love to see your comments in upcoming ones too.

      Thanking you,

  17. I just read it now….u said the live process or the live thinking inside a human….It makes every human to think about themselves and just leave a look inside to their own….go ahead my little sis…..u r able to bring it out…prayers….It’s a real fact that BE AN EVIDENCE OF UR EXISTENCE……!!!!

      1. Welcome always Aleesha and yes of course will always support you and you are doing well with your valuable posts. Keep it up and hope you too keep supporting me too. It works both ways. Love and light to you too ❣️💕💓💓💝

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