Get Well Soon

Staring at the walls
Caring nurses around
Boring it is, you think
Tearing your thoughts aloud.

Everything is in white
Nothing that makes peace
With your mind in black
Bet no hope in place.

Your fingers are in pain
Your legs are aching again
You want your favourite food
You are given via tube some fluid.
Same feelings same people
Lame excuses lame crimple
Same nurses same doctor
Came memories came regrets.

What day is today
Looks same everyday
What world I am in
Shooks game in vain.

The smell, the taste, the food
Nothing feels good.

No friends, no one to talk to
No trends, none to wake to
Paired with depressed thoughts
Shared with moments of past.

But don't you worry child
Put your weary thoughts aside
Away from your heart so unsure
A way will find you for sure

You are brave
Few can pave
Blessings I give
You afresh like chive.

Dear, get well soon
You wake like a toon
You will again swoon
My dear, get well soon
My dear,
Get Well Soon.

Your daily dose of poetry #10

I Believe You.

With Love,

Aleesha Thomas

© BelieveU

All Rights Reserved

14 thoughts on “Get Well Soon

  1. SMiLes Dear Aleesha We Always
    Hope Most For A Two Way Airplane

    Ticket When We Take A Flight
    To the Hospital to Heal Our

    Ills For Death too is A
    Reminder of Every

    Precious Breath

    of Life

    For Life

    Is A Reminder
    Again That Death
    Provides All of Who We aRe
    No Different Than Leaves Falling
    Brown From Autumn Trees MaKinG

    Green Again Possible In New Spring After
    Winter Death True All Of Existence May Be

    Reflected in A Fall Leaf Branches of Full Living
    Tree Held in Each Leaf Fractal oF All Existence

    Dying Living Trees in One Brown Leaf Yet to Turn

    Green Spring Again In Another Form Similar to Living Trees

    Holding My Only Child And Son Ryan Then Close to my HeART
    As He Took His Last Breath and HeART Beat oF LiFE in 1997,
    After 51 Days of Life, All In the Hospital mY FRiEnD, my Mother
    Falling to Her Death Bed on Valentine’s Day of 2017 Where ‘They’

    Say Folks Who Wanna Leave Earth the Most Natural Way With
    No Tubes, Food, or Drink, Usually Only Last 3 Days in Hospice Care

    Except That Love is What
    Makes A HeART Strongest
    oF All So My Mother’s Ending
    Days Extending to 8 Days Remaining
    At Her Side Finding Her Last Breath Then

    Passing Away on February 22nd, 2017, the
    Day After the Anniversary of my Marriage Since 1990…

    Her Breath’s Love Became Mine For it is True
    my Child Never Smiled Only Living Pain, 51
    Days, my Promise to Him Then at my
    Age 37 Is That i Will BRinG SMiLes
    To Most Everyone i Meet in Life
    And Treat Them No Different
    Than A Beloved Child
    of Mine True No



    The Face of God

    No Matter Pain or Pleasure
    DarK or LiGHT Midnight Grace
    Of Love or Stormy Fear and Hate

    LiGHT Comes From DarK It Is Always
    Our Responsibility AS Humanity to BRinG

    LiGHT Always to Breath Now Dear FRiEnD

    This iS HoW We Heal Most Inhaling Peace
    Exhaling Love Through All of DaRK And LiGHT


    My Mother’s

    Breath LiveS on

    As My Breath oF Love

    And The Peace My Child

    Never Had Until He Went Away

    Still Breathes in the Inhale of All
    This Gift of Life to me Living Gratitude Tree….

    Yes Dear FRiEnD “Let’s Build Something Together”

    All of Us


    Hands FoR ReaL..
    This Living Tree
    This Leaf



    oF All
    ThaT iS LoVE NoW..:)

    1. I…I just don’t know what to say. I’m in tears.

      Sorry for your loss🥺

      The way you love and support others is amazing.

      Your son and your mother must be smiling up there seeing the beauty of your heart. They must be really proud of having such a wonderful dad, and a great son respectively.

      I’m at loss of words.

      Lots of love for you and your family,

      1. SMiles Dear Aleesha
        HeART Felt Art Keeps
        All Our Souls
        It’s Not Always
        Easy yet What’s
        Most Amazing
        Is Turning Personal
        Into Someone
        Else’s Happiness
        As Long As
        Dark Generates
        The DarK
        And Purpose
        In Life Deep
        As The Ocean Is Sky🙌😊🏝

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