You Got This Baby Girl !

To my everlasting love….

Dearest me,

You got this baby girl. You can do this. My beautiful friend, you are what you think you are – not something defined by others. Your efforts are never going to be wasted. I know it’s hard, but you are even harder, my girl.

Dear love, I know you are lost, depressed and broken. I know you are faking that broad smile on your beautiful face faded with tears. I know you wake up at night for no reason. You can’t even remember the nightmare you see every time because reality seems even scarier to you. You are trembling with fear. Yet you can’t recollect what did wake you up. In the morning, you’ve got no reasons to get out of the chaos. You aren’t soft like before. I see that you hate yourself at times and all you think of is to close the curtains all at once. But my love, greater things are on your way. Don’t you dare to give up.

It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay if you fall down. It’s okay if you fail again. Rectify your mistakes dear. Learn the lessons one by one. Get up from where you fall down. Build your own empire with all those stepping stones of your failures. You are unstoppable. Carve yourself stronger and bounce back.

Dear heart, I know you have been with many in misery and hardship. I have seen how well you mend many a broken heart. You have stood for them, cried along and rebuilt a new life for them indeed. Now it’s your turn to heal yourself. Cry like your life ends today, rise up and shine line like you are the greatest star in this universe.

You were silent, unappreciated and weak. It’s time for you to live for yourself. Your inner demons are ready to fight. Fight with yourself and bring out the best in you, rest all is taken.

When they take you for granted, exhibit your value. When you are scared, don’t conceal yourself in the shells of comfort. Come out and fight your fears. I know no one else can do this for you, except yourself. You are the hero that you have been waiting all these years for. Take your own sword. Pull your wings and fly so high that you aren’t afraid to fall because now you realise that you’ve got wings of your own to hold you tight.

You can and you will…!!

Take a break. Take your own time.

Remember you are not alone.

Baby girl…You got this!!

I Believe You.

With Love,

Aleesha Thomas


30 thoughts on “You Got This Baby Girl !

  1. U will always be the greatest star in the universe my dear…keep going..beautiful moments are on the way..wishing you all the success..😘🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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