Alas! I’ve lost it

So unclear my mind

Trembling my heart

I don’t understand this.

I see the jasmine

But it doesn’t smell

The way it used to

Make me feel before.

I pluck the rose

The colour turns dim

Design so void and small

Beauty lost in pain.

Cuckoo sings so sweet

Yet I feel the woe

In doubt I stand

Am I losing myself…?

I perceive a deeper touch

I endure it so down here

Here I break into pieces

I’ve lost a part of me.

Until I reposses this part

Of mine I yearn for

Till I meet this incomplete

Thread of mine

I’ll be waiting here

To reunite in euphoria

Burning an amour of a lifetime

Lingering to find my way

Back to my life.

A part of me flies today

To retreat with warmth

Though in cold so chill

Holding on a duvet of souvenir

Memories flutter above the wings.

I need my whole again

To relinquish my existence

To bring back the smile

Stays here the other part

Yearning for new beginnings!

Have a good one!

I Believe You.

With Love,

Aleesha Thomas

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