Advent Thoughts #11

To Your Broken Heart

Shattered in dust

Scattered as dark

There you sit

With your eyes wet….

Wondering what you left

Pondering in wind so swift

I see your poor heart

Broken and hurt…

The days you cherished

The ways you relinquished

Dooms, laughs and pokes

Gloomy the lips lament…

There’s a smile so mirage

And a music so mismanaged

Overdosed in pain

Sinks the soul in vain…

Oh! Dear, stand up

Don’t fear and give up

Cry your feelings most eyries

Abandon your lost memories…

Let the dew drops fall

From those eyes so full

Clear dusts in your vision

Evolve your sight to insight.

Here I pick up

Your broken pieces

Can I ever let you drown

In this dawn….

Rise up, fly with

Your dreams so behemoth

Your wellwisher waits here

To see you shine like riviere…

I Believe You.

With Love,

Aleesha Thomas

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