Advent Thoughts #2

Have you felt terrible when you realise a moment later, that you said something which could have been avoided as you’re pretty sure that has hurt the one closest to you. Have had many such experiences which I would never forget. Let me open it out for you.

An Apology

We were all happily chatting and walking around busting the packets of snacks,which were shared amongst all…It had then dawned on us final year’s just then that these outings were coming to an end as we would go our separate ways and we would be missing the three years of being together. We were all rushing to hold on to every moment which would end as memories which would last a lifetime to be cherished closed to our hearts.

We were sharing our snacks, munching with all who were around, when one such incident happened. One dear friend who was everyone’s favourite (let’s call her Ria) Ria was sort of quirky, naughty and an extremely talkative girl I’ve met in my life. During one such episodes she asked me, “Who do you think you are?…Who are you to yell at me…!!” Without a second thought I yelled back aggressively – “Your mom”

She was calm just then there was a stirring silence around us and when I came back to my senses, tears were really waiting to flow down my cheeks just then I realised the devil in me had spoken out loud disgusted with my behavior , I couldn’t utter a word . I had turned silent like a criminal who was caught red handed. I felt like I had become the ugliest person who had to be the most avoidable creature on Earth !!!!.
Her mom must have been watching all this from heavan…..😞

I must have mumbled sorry like a hundred times but there was no use of explaining about what I said , because what l wanted to say came out so wrong. I had grown up all these years under the protecting guidance of my mother. I couldn’t think of a day in my life without having her by my side… how hard it must have been for Ria while she was growing up, missing her mom every single moment . I felt worthless. To my surprise she consoled me in turn telling that she was happy that I had considered her like a daughter , it felt like tears of remorse had flooded my heart and it had broken into tiny pieces which I couldn’t count.

Yet haven’t found enough words to pen down a note of apology . I want to make sure that you my dear readers never get into a situation like that , no matter what you’re going through or whatever you’re state of mind is , happy or sad, angry or excited ,be careful with your words.

It really hurts when you hurt someone you love. We too acknowledge the pain we have caused someone dear by using words without thinking of the outcome , please don’t ponder , just admit it . Say sorry sincerely from your heart.

And today’s thought is more about ‘doing’ than reading this or thinking about the same. Let’s open up. Let’s say sorry. Let’s relax and free ourselves from this burden hurting us.

Say you are sincerely sorry like you mean it from the bottom of your heart.

To all “Rias” of our life..

Let’s take a moment….

Turn back and find them..

Fight your inner demons and open up.

Say sorry. Be sorry for those words that has hurt others. Realise what happened and rise up. Free yourself.

Let’s be cautious and choose words wisely.

With an unadulterated, deep and sincere apology to my loving friend I conclude my thoughts for today.

I Believe You.

With Love,

Aleesha Thomas

21 thoughts on “Advent Thoughts #2

  1. Most of relationship is broken in single min because of loosing the words without thinking and u have given a good example with the final years students.

    The best and worst moment in my life is leaving collage and gona miss my those stupid guys whaterver good and bad time they were with for long four years..🥰

    And one thing i remember if this blog there is thirukural in tamil

    Yagavar aginu nakaka kavakal
    Sogapar solliluku pattu..

    You have given the explanation this 2line kural
    Great work macha…❤🥰

    Liked by 1 person

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