Where Poems Take Birth…!

Guest Post : Akshara
Horizons were gifted by 


To see good in this

foul world

Mine struck with hers..

The beauty she hold

in her body

Her hands on his shoulders

She and her skin rub

against her man for grip

Blind belief she

clasp against him

Complex mix of

emotions and exhilaration

Within she/he get through


Euphoria that rule

her eyes and heart

The way he cares her soul

that carries another

Their desire,hope and

dreams were all put together

inside the soft..small fetus

She tucked by womb, but

he carry by heart

Not one but two..

Seraphic born by unite of

two divine souls

The first breath that breathe

is the exact second,

they get their life return

Unexplainable heavenly moment!!

Each and every men’s dream.

They moved but

eyes still glued

With little water

filled over it..

My lips utter a word


Akshara is a talented writer and a literature student. She is a simple and an amazing person. I happened to ask her full name and was really pleased to hear her say – “Just Akshara – Simple as it is.” It’s really wonderful that you meet people with adorable and attractive personality like this.

I hope she has made you happy this time. Stay connected to BelieveU for more like this.

I Believe You.

With Love,

Aleesha Thomas


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